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Infiniti Unleashes EX Concept

The 2007 North American International Auto Show happening at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan will be the stage for the world premiere of the Infiniti EX Concept. According to Infiniti, Nissan Motor Co.’s luxury car division, the EX Concept “follows in the tradition of previous Infiniti design studies with its combination of seductive design, elegant interior and advanced technology systems”. The company also said the new EX Concept embodies the design features of the forthcoming production model of the 2008 Infiniti EX crossover SUV.

Mark Igo, Vice President and General Manager, Infiniti Division, Nissan North America, Inc commented: “The Infiniti FX, Infiniti M and most recently the new 2008 Infiniti G Coupe, can all trace their evolution from show stoppers to Infiniti showrooms in a short period of time. With this stunning Infiniti EX Concept, we’re pleased to announce that along with the basic exterior and interior designs, the production Infiniti EX will include much of the EX Concept’s innovative technology, including the Around View Monitor and Lane Departure Prevention.”

“The EX Concept is the perfect fusion of a luxury coupe and a high-utility SUV. Its “right-sized” packaging gives it excellent around town maneuverability, while the wide rear hatch and low load floor make it a versatile performer for everyday and weekend use. The Infiniti EX Concept’s glass roof technology is a fascinating study in how technology can be utilized to change the entire interior atmosphere of a vehicle by adding or subtracting not just light, but the occupants’ view of the outside world. The EX Concept is the perfect fusion of a luxury coupe and a high-utility SUV. Its “right-sized” packaging gives it excellent around town maneuverability, while the wide rear hatch and low load floor make it a versatile performer for everyday and weekend use.” he added.

The Infiniti EX Concept has an elegant exterior layout featuring the combination of an SUV and a sports coupe model, marking its crossover SUV characteristics. The EX Concept comes with prominent exterior parts including double-arch grille, large L-shaped headlights with Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS), integrated fog lights, distinctive LED taillights, high-mounted rear hatchback spoiler, LED turn signals, electric outside door handles with push switches, glass roof panel, and 19-inch 7-spoke aluminum alloy wheels wrapped with 245/55R19 performance tires. Compared to the Jeep Compass crossover SUV with wide Jeep Side Marker, the Infiniti EX Concept is equipped with oval-shaped marker lights on the side.

As expected for an Infiniti luxury vehicle, the EX Concept is offers a comfortable and engaging interior ambience, with a combination of leather appointments and aluminum-alloy trims. Interior highlights include “wave-inspired” cabin layout, deep supportive seats, leather-appointed center console box, a wide LCD monitor and signature Infiniti analog clock on the instrument panel, and aluminum speaker door-side trim. The EX Concept also comes with a roomy rear cargo area combines designed with aluminum-alloy flooring with luggage rails.

Moreover, the Infiniti EX Concept features the innovative Lane Departure Prevention system and the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system. Both systems use a camera located behind the windshield of the vehicle to detect lane markers.

Meanwhile, powering the Infiniti EX Concept is a V6 engine, combined with a 5-speed automatic gearbox powering the vehicle’s all-wheel drive (AWD) configuration.

Finding a Helper To Maintain Your Classic Antique Prize Winning Car

Not long ago, I went to the LA Auto Show 2012 and I was amazed at just how far all the technology has come over the last 100-years, but most of all I was humbled by what the future might bring. There was plenty of both at the show. All the latest models, many future concept cars, and some oldies but goodies – and considering that this is Los Angeles, movie capital of the world, there were also a ton of classic movie cars. That’s just cool. Okay so, let’s talk about something relevant to classic cars, the key component as far as I am concerned; authenticity.

You see, if you own a classic car and you want it to hold its value then let me tell you how important it is for you to keep everything completely original. You might think that is an easy thing, you just download all the manuals, buy some of the original stuff on eBay and scour through it all to make sure you are doing it right. You might also go onto car classic internet forums to make sure you are on the right track. Only there is a real problem with all that – you see, even the experts don’t agree – which is perhaps why it is so hard to get a fair judge at an auto show these days.

The older the cars get, the more discrepancies come out, the more know-it-alls who wish to opine, not to mention all the erroneous data available online. What do I recommend? Well, I recommend that if you don’t have time to learn it all yourself, and it can take years to get the knowledge you need, then stop drilling any new holes in your car and find yourself a first-class no BS classic car consultant, one who actually owns a car like yours and one who spends their life laboring over all the fine details.

When you find that person and there’s no doubt you’ve met people just as I am describing here around the classic car circuit then hire them, and pay them to keep you from making any serious mistakes. It is so easy to add a part or modify something only to find that you got from the wrong person somewhere along the way. Each time you make incorrect and non-authentic modifications you are decreasing the value of your vehicle. So if authenticity is what you are looking for then hire the right classic antique car consultant and pay them what they are worth. Please consider all this and think on it.

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Used Cars in Texas

Due to the state being a busy industrial center, many people rely on their own transport here. Although the state is served by some of the largest and most efficient railway systems in the country, highways have also long been a common choice for those travelling in the area as they have been necessary to overcome the challenges of the native terrain.

With the latest statistics showing that there are around 9 million cars registered in the state – with one car per three residents – investing in buying your own vehicle is a common choice for many Texans today. To economise, many decide to invest in used cars, which has led to a thriving second hand car market in the state.

With that said, there are many common mistakes that Texans make when investing in used vehicles. Here are some of the most significant ones, which can end up costing buyers a great deal of money and result in a lot of disappointment.

Firstly, those looking for used cars for sale in Texas need to be aware of the mileage of the vehicle that they are buying. As mentioned above, the state is served by a great deal of highways, which can mean a lot of long journeys across the state which will naturally wear down a vehicle. You should therefore always look into the service history of the car before you buy.

Although many people in Texas decide to buy more robust vehicles to prepare them for this cross-state driving, it is always wise to consider that the greater the number of miles on the clock, the more that car has been worked hard and therefore the more worn it is likely to be.

Checking the service history for frequent services and repairs can help show that, despite heavy use, the car has been carefully looked after. It is also worth asking the individual how they used their vehicle. Did they just drive to work and back in Houston every day? Or did they frequently undertake return trips between Dallas and Fort Worth for business?

The next common error that people make when looking for used cars for sale in Texas is looking state-wide for their vehicle, rather than sticking within a reasonable boundary for their search. It can be tempting to spread one’s net a little wider, but this can also be a misleading concept to follow.

People generally search in other state cities as they think their ‘ideal’ car might be waiting for them there for a cheaper price. However, most cities in Texas are huge with an already vast selection of used vehicles on the market – the only guaranteed result of searching state-wide is that you will spend far more time and money trying to hone in on the ‘right’ vehicle.

The third common mistake that many people make when looking to buy used cars for sale in Texas is not speaking to the owner or dealer if there is not sufficient information in the listing they have seen. This is a problem that can be seen in the classifieds on the likes of Texas Auto Classifieds and Dallas News, as well as virtually every other auto classifieds site around the country and even the world.

People tend to exaggerate or hide details about the vehicle when they are listing a car, which can mean that you could end up seeing a car in Houston that does not fit your criteria at all, simply because information was hidden or omitted. Instead, take the time to chat to the owner before arranging to see the vehicle to avoid wasting your time.