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Auto Transport Advice – Terminal Shipping vs Door-to-Door Shipping

Although the concept of car shipping may seem simple, car owners often find many of the decisions they have to make confusing. For example, what’s the difference between terminal and door-to-door service and how do these choices impact you?

Terminal Shipping

Many car shipping companies use terminals to coordinate their loads. A terminal is often simply a big parking lot. The car owner drops the car off at a terminal near the starting point. The car is held there until sufficient vehicles are heading in the same direction. The vehicles are all loaded on a truck which drives to a terminal near the destination where the owner can pick it up.

Some shippers offer discounts for terminal-to-terminal auto transport. This is a convenient method for people who live in dense downtown areas where door-to-door service might be impossible.

On the other hand, the car may sit in the terminal for days, subject to theft and vandalism. The terminals have better security than the owner’s garage, but the concentration of cars is a tempting target for criminals. The car is likely to be exposed to the elements which can also lead to damage, and the contract will almost certainly have a clause to absolve the shipper of weather-related damage.

As for convenience, it’s both more and less convenient than door-to-door auto transport. It is more so because the owner can drop the car off at leisure rather than needing to wait for a truck to show up. However terminal shipping is less convenient because the car is out of the owner’s hands for longer.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-door auto transport is just what it sounds like. The truck drives right to your door and the car is driven directly onto the carrier. The truck then drives to the destination where the car is dropped off at the front door of your new home.

If the owner’s home is in an area where large trucks have difficulty navigating, the truck may have to be met in a nearby parking lot. Although door-to-door shipping may cost more, many owners prefer it. Since their car is out of their control for less time, there is less chance of something happening to the vehicle. While the shipper is waiting for enough cars to be available to make the transport trip cost effective, the customer retains full use of the vehicle.

So Which Is Better?

As with many choices, the ideal solution depends on your preferences and your situation. However, most car owners say they are happier with door-to-door auto transport. The slight inconvenience of waiting for the truck is offset by the advantages of knowing that their car is in the care of a driver at all times on its journey.

Before making a decision, talk to the transport company about your particular needs and you will be able to decide which of the methods is better for you.

The Geneva Motor Show

All over the world several motor shows are organized. The Geneva motor show is one of the best shows in this category. There are many cars which are really exotic, unavailable and superlative which are so gorgeous that they come under the super cars category. And in fact this show is one of the greatest auto shows of the world. Geneva participates actively in the motor shows.

The 2010 organization of annual Geneva auto show had in fact taken place in the month of March from 4th March to 14th March. This show is actually considered as one of the leading motor shows of the world. This auto show was held in the Switzerland’s city of Geneva. The show was organized at the Geneva Palexpo which in fact is a principle centre located next to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport.

Geneva has came back again on the right track for displaying new auto models in order to fulfill customer’s basic needs of the cars. In fact, Geneva show is being opened to the news media on Tuesday and Wednesday. This motor show is open to the public on Thursday. Geneva auto show is proud to announce the exhibition of thirty two world premiere production cars and dozen number of concept cars.

The opening time of Geneva motor show 2010 during the week days was organized from 10 am to 8 pm at their local time and on weekends from 9 am to 7 pm. The tickets of the show were available online.

This International Show which is a yearly auto show held in the month of March in the Swiss city of Geneva. The show is organized at the Geneva Palexpo which is organized by the Organization Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles. This auto show has been considered as a chief international auto show.

Really, the show was first and foremost held in the year 1905. The show had organized nearly all the main internal combustion engined models ever produced in the history of the automobile, in conjunction with benzene and steam-powered cars from the commencement of the century.

There are many exotic super cars which are really so gorgeous so as to take the spotlight all through their debuts at the auto show. Apart from all these facts prototypes high quality equipped with the new equipment, technical breakthroughs, international partnerships, as well as political and social debates, were the chief points which were placed on the topmost position in the priority list for announcement at the exhibition. The show has been regarded, for the world’s automakers, as a level playing field.

7 Seater Cars – Enter Audi Q7

There have been many big players in the 7 seater cars section and there are already numerous cars in the market that fall in the category of 7 seater suv and 7 seater cars as such. In 2006 Audi decided to enter this arena with the launch of its first ever 7 seater car; the Audi Q7, which happens to be a crossover luxurious SUV during the Auto Show in Los Angeles and it is built on the famous Volkswagen Group PL71 platform. Presently the latest version of the Audi Q series happens to be the Audi Q5. Q5 was recently showcased in 2010. The SUVs are supposed to be importantly for the off road travels, but it seems based on the Audi’s concept car, the Pikes Peak Quattro; Audi has designed the Q7 keeping in mind the on road features than the off road ones. Even though the Audi Q7 features the four wheel drive system coupled with the CDL (central differential lock), and the air suspension system whose height is adjustable, it is unable to compete the cars in the SUV segment which are manufactured mainly for the off-road purposes.

Safety Features Kept Safe

Audi has introduced a new level of safety in its Q7 car. Among all other 7 seater cars out there, it seems no other car is able to beat Audi’s Q7 safety features. In America, NHTSA rated a total of 5 out of 5 for side and front impact tests in fourteen categories. And it has to be that way, because Audi Q7 features Electronic Stability Programme and variety of safety electronics combined with the numerous airbags to protect the passengers. Although in America this car received good ratings, in Europe, the NCAP rated 4 out of 5 for safety, and Audi claims that it was a design error which has been fixed in the later car releases. Many other tests have been conducted on Audi Q7 and the testers have found that Audi has implemented many innovative ways to protect the passengers sitting within.

Q7 Variants for North America

North America got a good set of Q7 variants to drive. The first one was the Audi Q7 hybrid which is basically a hybrid car that is built upon the Q7 and features an electric motor along with a 4.2 FSI engine; which is able to output a torque of more than 200Nm. This particular hybrid is powered by a battery of Nickel-Metal Hydride and this system pushes the car to an acceleration of 0 to 100 km per hour within 6.8 seconds. But this hybrid is comparatively heavier when compared to the petrol version of the Q7. Audi has actually announced that it would be rolling out even more hybrids but the number would be limited. As of now, Audi seems to be focussed on development of Q5 hybrids that will feature the Lithium-Ion battery.

Audi Q7 has quickly gained its reputation among other 7 seater cars in the present market.