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Top Futuristic Cars

Everyone has a specific car model that they are absolutely in love with, and it may change from year to year when the newest model comes out. However, there are some cars people can fall in love with before they are even produced. Most of these are concept cars, which are prototype cars that show new concepts, styles, and technologies for future cars to possibly be mass produced.

One of these concept cars is the BMW Gina Concept. This car is designed as a roadster that has a special light, flexible, durable, and extremely expansion-resistant fabric metal instead of the traditional sheet metal that is seen on cars today. The features of this car can be moved or shifted by electro-hydraulic controls to fit the driver’s needs. Using the same electro-hydraulic controls, the shape of the outer skin, and the overall design of this car can be changed. The way it is designed, when the driver turns their headlights on, the outside of the car changed to bring forth the headlights. When the lights are off, they stay behind the car’s exterior out of site.

Another car is the Ferrari Monza. The Monza looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and is pretty much the meaning of concept cars. The design has two wings that come over the front wheels for optimum aerodynamics, and can reach speeds up to 125 mph. The wings, called canards, are used to create some lift while the person is driving to help prevent friction. However, in order to prevent the car from simply taking off in flight, computers take over to control the wings over the front wheels. It even comes with glasses that show all the dashboard information. So not only will you have a car from some super hero comic, but you can also dress the part.

The Magnet Car is also an interesting concept car. Its designer created this three wheeled two seater car to look like a whale coming towards you with its mouth open. The car runs off of magnetic power and uses an electric engine that has a polarity. The car’s magnets are designed to be the same polarity as the road. This means that the car will be ‘lifted’ off the road. As cool as a magnetic hovering car would be, we technically don’t have magnetized roads, and they are hypothetical in theory.

An interesting concept is the Metromorph car. This car by Peugeot is ideal for when we are all stuck in a big city and parking near your apartment is scarce. The body of the car is mostly windows except for the bottom, also doubles as a balcony to your apartment. No, I will not shut the front door. This futuristic car is designed to not only drive on a road, but also up a wall and park its self at your apartment. The seats inside will of course adjust to keep you in an upright position when the car switches from driving on the road to the side of your apartment building. So, the next time you are on your apartment balcony with your friends thinking “dude, let’s go to the bar!” If you had the Metromorph car, you will be well on your way in your balcony, er…um, car.

The Phoenix all-electric concept car is designed to be eco-friendly. This car is supposed to have zero-emissions making it the perfect car for the environment. It runs off of electric batteries that power the four electric engines of the wheels. So, why is it a concept car besides being completely eco-friendly? The cabin is made completely of glass and is sealed by LED lights that can change colors to the drivers taste. So, in a way, it’s a lightcycle from Tron, just hope it doesn’t leave that nasty trail that those bikes leave.

The Tokyo Motor Show

Over 50 years old now, the Tokyo motor show has been a center of attraction since 1954, for all those interested in the automobile industry.

The show is popular for featuring state-of-the-art and futuristic technologies in the form of concept automobiles including trucks, buses and cars. You can expect to find huge array of fresh concepts all across the show. There are so many of ‘em that you might find it tough to follow each of the exhibits in detail.


During the early history of the show, its focus remained on passenger vehicles viz. truck and buses. However, in the wake of the growing Japanese auto industry and trading of Japanese cars around the world it expanded focus to include passenger cars. Even now when the auto industry in the western hemisphere finds itself under rough weather, the Japanese auto industry hopes for landmark performance.

Organizers of the show, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, changed the format of the show beginning with last year’s event (i.e. Tokyo Motor Show 2007). Now the show will be held once every two years, with the commercial vehicle show to be held in year in between. The next episode of the tradition is the forty-first, Tokyo Motor Show to be held in 2009.

The biennial event promises to include a comprehensive range of passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle bodies, and vehicle parts.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Carrying the theme “Catch the News, Touch the Future,” the event was held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba and lasted a good 17 days, from October 26, 2007 (Friday) to November 11, 2007 (Sunday).


Close to 1,425,800 people visited the show, however this number was considerably less than numbers who visited the show in 2005. In 2005 about 1,512,100 had come to the show.


Considering both the Japan and the world, a good number of premieres surfaced at the event. Numerically, there were 77 World Premieres (5 commercial vehicles, 36 passenger cars, 32 motorcycles, 4 vehicle bodies) and 103 Japanese premieres (2 commercial vehicles, 75 passenger cars, 26 motorcycles).

Technology Featured

The themes and focus of the recent past shows have showcased drivetrains and its components viz. transmission, drivelines, etc, and fuel-cell and hybrid vehicles.

During the 2007 event fuel-cell and the hybrid vehicles stole the limelight. For instance, Toyota featured a concept vehicle “1/X” or “one-Xth.”

Similar to a Prius, the vehicle claims to achieve twice as much fuel economy. It features a featherweight automotive frame made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, which also helps to save gas.

The concept further has an additional plug-in hybrid powertrain, which can run on either gasoline or E85 (a mix of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline).

To learn more about the show and for insights into the automobile industry, kindly visit my blog.

2012 Was Without a Doubt Hyundai’s Year

Over the last decade, Hyundai has grown to become one of the world’s leading automotive brands. But its success story isn’t of the overnight kind. The Korean automaker has made it its mission ‘to create exceptional automotive value for customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality and efficiency’. And in doing so it has slowly but surely earned a respected reputation for consistently giving customers the best possible value for their money. This year Hyundai has excelled in all its various ventures.

Hyundai Car of the Year and other Awards

Hyundai received numerous local and international brand and product awards during the course of 2012. Early this year the Hyundai Elantra clinched the North American Car of the Year title at the Detroit Auto Show. Soon thereafter the Elantra was also named South African Car of the Year for 2012, beating the competition with a landslide score awarded by the country’s top motoring journalists.

Hyundai also received international awards from top global publications. Its Hyundai Azera was named ’2012 Best Bet’ by, while both the Hyundai Accent and Azera made it onto’s’10 Best Interiors’ list and the Accent onto its ’10 Best Engines’ list. The Hyundai Elantra in turn was named one of‘s’10 Best Green Cars’ for the second consecutive year in recognition of top fuel efficiency. The Hyundai brand itself received the prestigious BrandLaureate’sBestBrand title in its automotive section for 2011-2012.

Kinsey Report results support Hyundai’s value promise

For over 20 years the annual Kinsey Report has kept the public and fleet operators informed by providing them with a complete vehicle parts price comparison for various auto brands. This year Hyundai again achieved excellent results in various vehicle categories:

· Auto Executives Category – Hyundai Sonata, 1st place

· Super Mini Category – Hyundai i20, 2nd place

· City Car Category – Hyundai i10, 3rd place

· Family Favourites – Hyundai Elantra, 3rd place

Hyundai concept vehicles – a glimpse into the future

Hyundai proved its innovative design talent at numerous international auto shows where it revealed a number of concept vehicles. Here are just a few that made headlines in the press:

· 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show – 3-door Veloster C3 Roll Top Convertible

· 2012 Geneva Motor Show – Electric Hyundai i-oniqSports Car Concept

· 2012 New Delhi Auto Show – 8-passenger Hexa Space Concept

Hyundai’s plans for 2013

According to CAR magazine, Hyundai SA has quite a few launches up its sleeve for the new year. First up will be the unveiling of the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe, followed shortly thereafter by the release of the much anticipated Hyundai Veloster. The Hyundai Sonata is also expected to receive a new 2.4L GDiengine and a facelift, while a facelifted Hyundai ix35 and micro car Hyundai Eon might make it to our shores by the end of 2013.