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Audi 6, Named As the World Car of the Year, Offers World Class Parts at Partstrain

Among the list of thirty six new vehicles out of the market before January 1, 2005 for at least five countries, on at least two continents, the Audi 6 was named as the World Car of the Year for 2005. This was held during the media preview for the Canadian International Auto Show held last February 16, 2005 in Toronto. The decision came out from the forty eight international automobile journalists representing sixteen countries that acted as the jury. They use twenty separate parameters including acceleration, braking, vehicle dynamics, safety features, cargo, and off road capabilities. They then selected the top 10 vehicles for the final round of voting.

The final selection was rated on five key areas of importance to costumers: merit, value, safety and environmental responsibility, significance, and wow factor! – the car’s emotional appeal. The secret ballots were then collected and tabulated by KPMG, an international accounting firm.
The World Car of the Year programme is administered as a non-profit corporation with a Steering Committee of six journalists who oversee and monitor the integrity of the voting process. The Audi 6 surpasses the Volvo S40-V50 and Porsche 911 in a close race to be declared as the World Car of the Year.

“The concept of national borders is now almost non-existent in terms of where vehicles and their components are designed, engineered, developed, and built … or where they are sold,” said British automotive journalist, Graham Johnson, who is also a co-chair of the award program. “Considering the ever-increasing globalization of the automotive industry,” he added, “the concept of a World Car of the Year award program was inevitable … it is truly an idea whose time has come.”

“An award of this magnitude rests like a crown jewel among a host of accolades for our new A6. To be selected as the ultimate winner from a list of so many deserving vehicles, by automotive experts from around the world is truly gratifying. It signals the universal appeal of Audi’s approach to designing and building the most progressive, sporty cars in the premium class,” said Johan de Nysschen, Executive Vice-President of Audi of America Inc., who received the award. “We are delighted to be the first-time recipients of such a prestigious award,” he added.

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Kia Pop Electric Car Concept

Kia Pop is an all electric concept car that will be presented in September, at the Paris Auto Show. The trend for this show is to highlight electric vehicles which are becoming more and more popular. Earlier this year, at the Chicago Auto Show Kia Ray plug-in hybrid sedan made its debut. Kia Pop, however, is much more innovative in its design.

The car is designed to cater to the city car segment, which is popular especially in Europe, and only measures 118 inches in length. It is longer than Smart For Two but shorter than a Mini Cooper. With a profile similar to Scion iQ profile, its massive windshield stretches so far that it forms a panoramic roof and has a large glass hatchback. The windows are diagonal and pill-shaped. It can seat three persons although it has just a single bench seat. A single seat in the rear is right behind the front passenger. The steering wheel is close to the driver due to an asymmetrical dashboard. With LED lights and a power point at the rear and an interior in purple hues, Kia Pop can easily stand out from the crowd. In the past, Kia cars were more neutral. It would have been difficult to distinguish it from a Japanese car. Kia Pop seems to be fit for a science fiction movie.

Although a production version of this concept car is not likely to be launched, Kia Pop is challenging the conventions and is a design led concept. Its all electric power train might be used for future Kia cars.

Concept cars are prototypes that showcase new concepts, styling or technology. Their presence at motor shows is used to assess customers’ reactions to new and radical designs that may be produced. Concept cars do not go into production as such, the undergo changes that make them practical, safer and cost-effective.

Some concept cars use exotic or expensive materials such as carbon fiber and refined alloys. Others have an odd number of wheels or special abilities that other cars do not possess. However, more traditional concept cars get past the concept stage and are developed into operational vehicles.

Due to rising prices, the future of cars is geared towards fuel efficiency, so electric vehicles are a large segment of the focus of innovative designs. Smaller, environmentally friendly cars are meant to address the problems of traffic congestion. Air pollution, limiting parking space and traffic accidents are problems that pose a growing concern to city car owners. In European cities, people have to travel on the same roads as their medieval ancestors.

City cars are easy to maneuver through city traffic and can easily be parked, mainly because of their size. Pollution is also addressed by designing electric cars with zero emission. However, it is rather early for an industry shift towards electrification. The length to width ratio in city cars offers greater stability. However, very small and light cars can be rather unsafe in a collision.

Current Car Designs Are Boring – We Want Unique Cars Back!

Driving down the road on any given day you’ll see a myriad of different cars and trucks. But they all look the same. ‘Hey, there goes a Town & Country! No, wait – that’s a Grand Caravan. Or is it a Voyager?”

Most vehicles made now days are just one vehicle re-badged for different companies. Original, huh?

We need some new style in the automotive industry. We need originality that we used to have. Like in the 1960′s when originality was a huge part of vehicle design.

We need more cars like the Chrysler Crossfire, or the Ford Mustang, or the Dodge Viper, or any car that is unique and stands out in a crowd. That’s the kind of car that people want to buy. Not some cookie cutter minivan with sixteen DVD players and comfortable seating for 43,000 adults.

I might have exaggerated that minivan part a bit, but I don’t think so.

Maybe now that GM and Chrysler are restructuring and formulating new plans to stay in business they’ll consider making their vehicles look different. Chrysler has a new partnership with Fiat, which will hopefully bring some new life into the battered industry. Fiat has some nice automobiles, not my style, but nice cars none the less.

Another thing that would be nice is to actually release more of the concept cars we see at the auto shows. Usually they just release a slightly different version of a car they’ve always had. Like the Ford Taurus. I liked it when they called it the Ford Five-Hundred.

Chrysler has had some seriously awesome concept cars lately, but a whopping 0 of them actually turned into purchasable cars. Most of them never even got considered for production.

So when you’re thinking of buying a brand new car, look for one that looks different and original. The more people that go for the unique, the more diversity we’ll have on the road and thus, better looking cars will be made.